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What Sets Our H SHIFTER Apart From The Competition?

What sets our H Shifter apart from the competition?

G\MOD UK stands out as the first company to integrate magnets into H Shifter-style modifications and among the pioneers in mass-producing this innovative design.

Our inspiration draws from the original Porsche and Ferrari manual shifters, renowned for their impeccable sound and feel. Our goal was to recreate that experience using an accessible shifter, such as the Logitech shifter, which offers excellent value for sim racing enthusiasts.

Ferrari gated shifter classic car

As many of you know, the original shifter, without our modification, lacks tactile feedback and precise shifter gates, leading to frequent miss-shifts. Our modification aims to prevent these issues, ensuring you are always in the correct gear and ready to dominate the virtual track.

Logitech G92 shifter in black

Leveraging 3D printing technologies, we rapidly prototyped our design until it was perfect. Our initial version of the H\SHIFTER had sharper edges, weaker magnets, and non-angled magnets. However, our dedicated design team addressed these issues, thanks to your valuable feedback. We greatly appreciate all feedback, positive or negative, as it helps us create the products you want.

Our current magnets are much stronger and angled to ensure the shifter shaft locks into place perfectly. We’ve also rounded the corners for a smoother feel and a more authentic H Shifter appearance.

GMOD UK logitech h shifter modification render image

To date, we have sold thousands of these shifters worldwide, with very few customers needing to use our lifetime warranty. This is a testament to the industry-leading materials we use, known for their strength, flexibility, and longevity.

Our customers consistently praise the life-like feeling of our H\SHIFTER and its positive impact on lap times.

Why haven’t we released a v3? We haven’t received feedback indicating the need for improvements, so we haven’t changed what isn’t broken. However, we continue to work tirelessly on new and exciting products for our amazing sim racing community. Our design team is developing a handbrake and various other sim racing modifications. Stay tuned for more updates!

GMOD UK logitech h shifter fitted to the logitech g29 shifter

We always welcome feedback on our products and ideas for new ones. If you have any comments or suggestions, please email us with your feedback or ideas for future projects.

We appreciate the support from our community throughout the years. For those who are new to G\MOD UK, we are excited for the opportunity to assist you in enhancing your virtual racing experience.



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