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Rapid prototyping

Benefit from cost-effective rapid prototyping without compromising on quality. Our services are designed to fit within your budget, making rapid prototyping accessible for businesses of all sizes.

This is group of techniques is used to quickly fabricate a scaled model of a physical part or assembly using three-dimensional CAD data. We offer rapid prototyping in the form of 3D printing or laser cutting which gives you the opportunity to have a physical product to test fit or just to see how it will look.


High quality 3D printing

G\MOD UK specialises in harnessing the power of additive manufacturing to bring your concepts to life in  high-quality form using industry leading manufacturing technologies. We continuously invest in the latest advancements to deliver top-tier results.

We understand the importance of quick turnarounds which is the benefit from our efficient 3D printing process. This ensures that your projects are delivered promptly without compromising on quality.

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CAD Design

Once we have designed your product or edited an existing one then we can rapid prototype it so you can have a physical product in your hands.

Our CAD design services offer a cutting-edge approach to transform your ideas into detailed and accurate digital models.

Our expert CAD designers are here to bring your concepts to life using state of the art software and industry best practices, we can provide both 2D drawings and 3D designs.


Laser Cutting & Engraving

Our team can offer one-time prototypes or production parts with our laser cutting services. We deliver unmatched precision, ensuring clean, detailed cuts to fulfil a wide range of projects and applications. From acrylic and wood to metals and beyond, our laser cutting services offers us to work with all our customer’s needs.

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